Welcome to Alternative Perspectives

I started this blog as a way to get the many swirling thoughts out of my head. The events of 2020 and of many years past can only be described as crazy and is only getting more unhinged as the weeks go by. Amongst all of the huge events happening I keep finding many discrepancies in the reporting by the mainstream media and information coming from governments and once an inquisitive mind begins to look deeper into what is occurring many strange things begin to appear. Everything is not as it seems and an open mind is needed to further understand why things are happening as they are and what driving forces and behind it. These writings are my mind trying to make sense of the world around us and as I keep searching more and more paths open up and we discover an intricate web which has no ending. This is a journey and only by shining light we can find our way. Join me in the search for truth in a world of lies.

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