Perspectives on the Pandemic

Since the outbreak of the pandemic I have followed it very closely and over that time I have found there to be many questionable aspects to the event which served to increase my interest in learning as much as I can about every aspect of the event. It is complex yet very important to try understand how and why the events have played out as they have and to try piece together all the different pieces of the puzzle. This pandemic has caused a worldwide collapse of entire economies and destruction of the lives of so many on an unprecedented scale but and as we look deeper we can start to see irregularities that may have contributed to its devastating effects.

Recently Journeyman Pictures produced an interview with a nurse working at Elmhurst Hospital in New York City in which the nurse provides video and audio evidence of medical malpractice and negligence during the covid crisis. This extremely important video brings to light a number of crucial points I have been questioning and is highly relevant to begin to piece together the many aspects of the pandemic that have been raising red flags. One of the most important factors in the pandemic are the numbers. Total cases, deaths and fatality rates are what we were shown on the news and these were the basis for the government and populations reactions and actions during the early days of the pandemic. But what if the numbers were wrong? What if they were drastically blown out of proportion and made to look worse than it really was? This video is unique in that it is the first to show an insight into what was happening in NYC, a covid hotpsot and helps us to understand why the number of deaths and cases were so high in that region and if extrapolated across the USA goes a long way to explaining the seemingly excessive numbers. In this article I will attempt to break down the important aspects and try bring some clarity to the situation.

The video can be viewed on YouTube, it is 1 hour and 10 mins long but I highly recommend watching it in its entirety-

From the outset the 24/7 saturation media coverage caught my attention as it was only serving to create fear, hysteria and panic which ultimately led to many on social media begging the government to lock us up to protect us which they dutifully did, if they didn’t it would seem to be political suicide. But were the following restrictions based on any real science or just hysteria driven reactionism? If China didn’t enforce their totalitarian lockdowns which we all saw on TV would the rest of the world still have had lockdowns? Did we think because China did it then we need to?  We heard lots of big numbers- 2.2 million in the US will die without lockdowns! But this figure was based on an outdated model by Neil Ferguson of the London Imperial College produced with guesswork and quickly was downgraded several times but the initial figure is what stays in our minds. Ferguson has in other cases such as mad cows disease, swine flu and bird flu also produced models which were extremely incorrect, indicating far too many deaths just like in this instance and causing inappropriate government handling of the situations. Even with this background Fergusons computer model was the basis for many countries like the US and UK to implement their radical lockdowns knowing full well the devastation these decisions would have on their people.

We were led to believe that everyone who gets it can die and even if you live, your lungs will be ruined forever, again not based on any facts. As is clear now is that it is rare for the majority of the population to have any more than mild to moderate symptoms- just like a common cold yet government and media hold on to the hype that this is a highly infectious and lethal virus to everyone. 

The mortality rate was reported at 10% in Italy at one stage yet in the early stages of a pandemic these high percentage figures are meaningless but that is what the media latches onto and we then are led to believe that 10% of everyone who gets Covid will die which is completely false. We were left to assume everyone was dying. We weren’t told that over 90% of those were over 70 with one or more existing medical conditions, in other words older people with already weakened immune systems. The constant images of coffins and people on ventilators were flashed on the news every day and we were told if you don’t allow yourselves to be subject to these new draconian measures, that will be you next. Possible reasons Northern Italy initially had such high numbers was due to the high number of elderly with underlying conditions in that region coupled with the fact that there is quite a significant Chinese population who were travelling from areas like Hubei until the end of January and the mayor of Florence ran a ‘hug a Chinese’ campaign from February the 1st, well into the epidemic in China.

Fear, hysteria and panic ruled the rushed decision making of governments all over the world and the ensuing chaos and collapse was inevitable. But not everyone was convinced including well respected scientists and researchers. Seeing the need to completely control the narrative and sway the minds of those not willing to lose their livelihoods over what they think is just the flu, the media did what they do best and hand pick and parade endless “experts” willing to push the narrative all warning of our imminent demise unless we submit to the new restrictions. Numerous celebrities took to social media to tell us all to ‘”stay home and save lives” whilst their butler served them caviar and champagne in their mansions telling us “we are all in this together” knowing that they can survive lock downs indefinitely while they tell us from their bath with floating rose petals,  surrounded by candles that “it isn’t so bad on lockdown.”  Meanwhile on the other side of town a family of five is now reliant on government food stamps just to feed their children as neither parent can work and have both lost their jobs- permanently. These social media posts and paid appearances  have only served to show how detached from reality these celebrities are and failed to address the reality of the vast majority of the planet. Hundreds of millions who live day to day in India instantly lost their livelihoods upon the snap lockdowns and were left to fend for themselves, with their government not addressing how to intend on distributing assistance to a billion people, many of whom have no fixed address or bank account. Media bias is always obvious but in the case of the pandemic they took their bias and saturation to a new level. It was almost like nothing else existed in the world except the virus and with this constant mind numbing coverage the populations soon fell under its spell.

Locking down the whole of the population instead of only protecting the ones in the at risk groups has no basis in science or facts and was completely unnecessary and only served to cause more harm in the way of the toll on our health and well being. If the vast majority of the population is not at risk and the symptoms rarely need medical attention why keep them at home? There never was a risk of our hospital system being overwhelmed by these people.  The economic collapse due to the unfounded restrictions on businesses has far reaching effects and should be viewed as not just the economy but real peoples lives.

But even once it was clear this virus was not as deadly or transmissible as we were told the restrictions were slow to be rolled back and in many places are still enforced despite next to no cases. The World Health Organisation said that it was rare for asymptomatic people to transmit the virus. The USA CDC said that it is unlikely to be spread through contact with surfaces yet that information doesn’t seem to matter.  Very quickly governments around the world used covid as an excuse to quietly pass new laws that further erode our rights and increase theirs. Meanwhile businesses desperate to get up and running again are threatened with arrest and fines if they open.

Initially we were told that we need these measures to flatten the curve to prevent our medical system from being overloaded. Now we saw that due to the extraordinarily low numbers of cases in Australia and many countries around the world there was no excess pressure on the system. In fact hospitals were next to empty yet restrictions remained and it morphed from save the hospitals and flatten the curve to remove cases altogether. But at what cost? We have seen around the world medical facilities laying off staff or closing completely. Health is now big business and with no patients there is no money. The other cost is the hundreds of thousands unable to access health care and therefore missing vital medical intervention which could have saved their lives. How many had their cancer diagnosis pushed 4 months ahead and now have far less chance of survival? How many missed vital treatments to prolong life? How many people were too afraid to go to the doctor or a hospital in case they caught covid and when they were finally so sick they were rushed to hospital but it was too late? How many health care workers are now out of work, possibly to never return to the sector?

We are still led to believe that the lockdowns were necessary yet when we look at countries that didn’t lock down and destroy the economy and the lives of their people we see they were not any worse off and in fact in some cases better off.

Japan had minimal lockdowns and testing. They had 924 deaths out of 17 thousand cases. Population of 126 million

Sweden had minimal lockdowns. They had 4874 deaths out of 51 thousand cases. Population of 10 million.

Compare that to the USA who have had some of the most drastic restrictions.  The have 117 thousand deaths out of 2.1million cases. Population 328 million.

New York – 383k cases, 30k deaths, population 19 million. Locked down and it still didn’t work.

In comparison Russia has recorded over 500 thousand cases yet only 7000 deaths out of a population of 144 million. They have instituted lockdowns.

So why does the USA have such high numbers of deaths? There are several factors to consider.

Diagnoses of CV19 were given without positive tests. Doctors have been instructed by health officials to list CV19 as cause of death on death certificates even without positive tests, only a suspicious or any one of the many symptoms need be present for this designation. CV19 has practically identical symptoms to corona virus’s that already are in circulation in the population. Even if someone dies from a stroke or heart attack and happens to have a cough they can still label the death as caused by covid or if they have a positive test and die of the heart attack then instead of saying they die with covid they can say they died of covid which seems counter intuitive but that is what has happened in some cases.  This led to far greater numbers of covid deaths being added to the totals we kept seeing on the news reports, further increasing our concern. If true reporting had occurred these figures would be much less and in turn the reactions to the pandemic less severe.  There are more factors that come into play as we will see below.

Compounding the skewed numbers of cases is the fact, admitted by health officials, that the main CV19 test, the PCR test is unreliable and is only ever meant to be a guide but what we were not told is that the tests produce false positives hence why we hear stories of the homeless shelter suddenly having a hundred cases yet asymptomatic, that is because they are not sick and are not carrying covid.  Even if they were, asymptomatic spread is now considered rare by the WHO, this relates to viral load. If you have no symptoms during the course of an infection (if you could even call it that) that is due to the small amount of virus cells in your body. This may be due to having only a small exposure to the source and/or that being a normal healthy person that your immune system is doing its job, which is the case for 99.5% of the population, if you contract this you are highly unlikely to ever need to seek medical attention. A strong immune system is the best defence against any disease. It is a pity out health officials never seem to mention that and for months have only spoken about a vaccine as our only hope. It is worth noting that as CV19 is a corona virus the upcoming vaccine, just like existing flu shots, will be less than 50% effective and will never confer immunity.

The PCR test was never designed for use in this way as its inventor- Kary Mullis has repeatedly said over the years. Unfortunately he passed away last year so isn’t here to bring this to light. The test is liable to contamination issues and false readings and may give false positives in people who have other corona like virus’s present or had recent flu shots. This is similarly true with the antibody tests. So if you ever happen to get a positive test ask for the test again. There are cases of people testing multiple times and having results swing back and forth between positive and negative over the course of days. If you tested the entire population you are bound to find positive results due to the inherent flaws in the tests, not due the presence of covid itself. It would be interesting to know how many of the 2.1 million cases in the US never showed any symptoms and in all likelihood never actually had covid and couldn’t infect anyone. Of note is the government of Tanzania, who wanted to test to accuracy of the PCR test kits they were sent, provided DNA samples of a paw paw fruit and a goat which returned positive results. We have also heard of cats and even tigers testing positive. It seems you test anything and still get false positives. It only serves to underscore the unreliability of this test which has been the basis for all the numbers of confirmed cases.

The video I have posted exposes what has been happening at far too many hospitals in the areas with high covid numbers. It explains why there are so many deaths attributed to covid and many are avoidable deaths. They were literally murdering patients with their medical negligence and malpractice and going through the video it is shocking to see how doctors treated these human beings, who due to restrictions had no family with them to see what was happening to their loved ones. People going in for chest complaints and then being heavily sedated with no recourse, then intubated and soon to die, then labelled as covid deaths. It is appalling but is not isolated. There are non covid patients being put in shared rooms with covid positive patients, poor hygienic practices, incorrect or improper use of PPE and orders to not resuscitate are amongst many other issues discussed in the film. Of note is that the orders to the nurses and doctors for some of the more serious problems come from “the top” which can only be assumed is the hospital management who’s only concern is that of making profits not saving lives and one way to make more profit is to class patients as covid and to put them on ventilators.

Ventilators- from the outset the government officials continually brought up the dire need for thousands of ventilators and said things like if people don’t get ventilators they will die- but as it turns out 80-90% of people who go on one die. This is due to the fact the patients are heavily sedated with a cocktail of drugs and then a tube is put into the lungs and air forced into the lungs at too great a pressure causing lung damage and ultimately death. The normal procedures for these patients were bypassed and were put straight onto the invasive ventilators before other established treatments such as the non invasive CPAP etc.. were used.
The hype over ventilators may have contributed to the mindset of staff to go straight for that option, perhaps on a subconscious level, which overrode their training, but more crucially- hospitals are more of business in this day and age and when a patient is intubated on a ventilator the hospital would receive from the government a bonus of $39k ($57k AUS), and to diagnose as CV19 and extra 13k ($19k AUS).  Was this financial incentive the reason so many were rushed onto ventilators even though their chances of survival were extremely low or didn’t need it in the first place? Was this why non covid patients were placed with covid positive patients? Was this why so many who had negative tests or no tests at all were labelled covid? It doesn’t take long before those numbers go up into the millions of dollars if you are turning over many patients in a short period of time.  If this is just one example of one hospital, imagine over all of the hospitals if this was common practice then we start to get a clearer picture of why the US has a large amount of covid deaths compared to other countries. Yes the US has more people than Italy or the UK but China or India with their 1.3 billion people each have only had 5000 and 9500 deaths respectively. Why does the US have over 100 thousand?

Hydroxychloroquine. Trump was bashed by the media and his own corona response team leader Anthony Fauci, a long time government health official who has been the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (part of the National Institute of Health) for decades. Fauci said there is no evidence of Hydroxychloroquine being useful in fighting corona virus, but what he absolutely would know is that a 2005 study which is on the NIH website came to the conclusion that Chloroquine was a “potent inhibitor of SARS 2 cells”  being useful for prevention and treatment of the virtually identical virus that has been around for years now. The cheap and safe drug has been used for decades for malaria and lupus and has been used this year with immense success by doctors treating covid in different countries yet has not been promoted by any governments or media, instead expensive experimental drugs like Remdesivir have been given more attention.  This is likely due to the fact that the powerful pharmaceutical industry who have many ties inside governments and the WHO such as Fauci cannot make any money from Hydroxychloroquine, they need something they can sell at expense to the whole world, like a vaccine. The lack of interest in a safe, cheap and effective drug and the focus on a new, untested experimental vaccine as our only salvation is more about prolonging the pandemic and ensuring a substantial market for the new vaccine when it is ready.  This is the pharma industry at their dirty best as they stand to make tens of billions (perhaps hundreds) when it is available as it seems that most western countries are planning to make this experimental vaccine mandatory which I find reckless and medically negligent for many reasons. 

 Recently the esteemed medical journal The Lancet published a study which was the basis for the WHO’s decision to stop clinical trials into Hydroxychloroquine over safety concerns, yet the paper was unusually retracted just days later due to the fact the authors used bogus data which is highly suspicious. It seems this cheap and effective drug is being hidden and discredited by those who don’t want acknowledge its existence in favour of other unproven, expensive options.  Given that the WHO ‘s funding primarily comes from the vaccine industry alliance- GAVI and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation- also a major proponent of vaccines, it would seem the WHO has been complicit in ensuring this pandemic is worse that it should have been to further enrich its main financial backers as that is why GAVI and Gates give hundreds of millions to the WHO- to further the extent of vaccination throughout the world, which is about all the WHO seem to focus on. GAVI’s main focus is to ensure healthy markets for their products- in other words to sell as much vaccines as possible and make billions of dollars. It is not about health for them, only profits. Gates also make massive returns on his investments in vaccines- 20 to 1 in his own words. Under the guise of philanthropy it is just another business which has doubled his net worth from 50 to 100 billion over 10 years. And let’s not forget the WHO called any country who stopped flights from China early in the year racist despite it being the epicentre of the outbreak, were they trying to give it time to spread or did they think it wasn’t a serious threat? I believe Australia has done well not due to lockdowns but due to preventing international travel. 

Some may point to excess deaths as proof of covids impact yet I believe it is more likely attributed to people dying from lack of health care they would normally receive if not on lockdown and misdiagnosed cases. How many suicides happened due to the destruction of so many peoples businesses, jobs etc.. How many mentally ill people were not able to access help? How many drug addicts couldn’t go to meetings, had no support and decided to end it? Calls to suicide hotlines around the world have had large spikes in calls and as the ripple effects of lockdowns continues for years there will certainly be more. How many around the world now cannot afford to feed their family because they are out of work? This being especially bad in developing countries with minimal government support. Think about how many families in Bali for example rely on tourism and now have nothing? The UN predict hundreds of millions of people will be starving, that children, women and men literally starving to death due to covid restrictions. How many across the world who have always managed to get by now have to rely on government assistance to feed their families? The fallout from the lockdowns is so massive its full extent will be impossible to quantify but its effects will continue on for decades. We must look beyond the economy as being the only victim here, in reality the people are the economy as without us no money is made for the governments. Its not just money its real people suffering untold pain that is so much worse than this corona virus could ever have been.

I am not saying there have been no deaths from covid or that they are not important but if we fail to see the vast extent of the damage caused then we will fail to act differently if it happens again. If we could have seen through the media and government manipulation from the outset and not demanded our governments save us from the virus that we were told can kill us all then we could have saved the world from catastrophic collapse. There never was a need for drastic lockdowns, we can clearly see that now from examples like Sweden and Japan yet the media and governments won’t mention this as they need to stick to their guns and not admit that what they did was unnecessary. Instead of acting based on fear, panic and hysteria, which the media helped create, we could have dealt with the threat just as every other corona virus out there, saved the lives of those at risk and save the lives and future of all of humanity. We have now put ourselves into a precarious position where every time there is some new virus it is possible the world could collapse again and again if these same measures are enforced. We need to step back and see the bigger picture and act according to rational thinking instead of fear then we will be able to move forward with certainty and create a world where our children don’t have to be subjected to the same destructive scenarios.

Australia has very few cases overall and currently is at the point where all cases are in either self isolation or hospital yet the unwillingness from the government to lift restrictions seems to be based on the fear of a second wave- which we have been hearing about for months now. It is this assumption there will be a second wave which is further hurting small business owners and families yet what is this assumption based on? We have heard of comparisons to the Spanish Flu of 1919/19 but the was 100 years and and of little relevance to our current situation. The second wave of deaths during that pandemic has been linked to the overuse of the drug aspirin which the medical experts of the day didn’t know caused catastrophic toxicity and fluid build up in the lungs leading to death. It was prescribed in huge amounts around the world and promoted by pharmaceutical companies who made significant profit. Fast forward 100 years and we have a completely different situation with the best medical technology available and a better understanding of the mechanics behind viral infections. Unfortunately the use of ventilators has been the downfall of many victims but if we can learn from that and incorporate safe and effective therapies the survival rate is exceptionally high as many doctors have been illustrating over the past five months. The fear of a second wave is not a valid concern to continue any form of restrictions in Australia and knowing what we do now we are better equipped to handle any new cases effectively. Helping families and businesses to get back on their feet, to prevent any more mental health issues, should be a priority as many have suffered and continue to do so.

Returning to the unusually large number of deaths in the US, I can’t help but wonder if there is a political connection? The number would suggest so. Democrat states have had far worse numbers- as of May 20th, of the 92 thousand that had died, 75 thousand were from democrat states.

Democrats represent 41 of the 44 hardest hit states.

Democrat states ordered CV19 positive people be placed into nursing homes where approximately 50% of all cases across the US came from. Was this a deliberate act to further spread the virus? Is it coincidence that everyone in nursing homes are given the strongest flu vaccinations which elicit a far stronger immune response? Did this make them more susceptible to this new virus as their already weakened immune system struggled to cope? These are the questions we must be prepared to ask.

Democrat states have had the worst and most prolonged lockdowns yet have the most deaths. Are the harsh lockdowns causing more illness? Not being able to go outside and get fresh air, sunshine and exercise whilst in state of fear and panic is a recipe for ill physical and mental health.

Are these states prolonging the pandemic in an attempt to further destroy the economy and lives of millions all to blame on the Republican Donald Trump and hurt his chances of re-election in November? They have already tried for the Russian collusion method, which as we are finding out was a setup and there should be charges laid on this matter soon and then the impeachment trial which had no basis and nothing has worked. He is still there and still popular. Is this a last ditch attempt to get rid of Trump? The recent death of George Floyd is not uncommon- police in the US kill thousands of black and white people every year. Why is this case of such importance right now? It has attained complete media saturation and sparked rioting, looting and more deaths. Black Lives Matter is a Democratic left wing group. Are they deliberately using his death as a political weapon against Trump? In all the media coverage it is certainly being portrayed in a way to incite division amongst the people at at time when we need unity. As disturbing as all of this sounds when you put it all together it certainly is looking very suspicious and I wouldn’t put it past the corrupt officials who are in the US political and intelligence community.

One thing I have pondered is the use of a whole new vocabulary that governments and media all suddenly started using with phrases like the new normal (get used of it), social distancing,  flatten the curve (repeated so many times its like a mantra), asymptomatic, contact tracing and self isolation for example. Where did all of the worlds government and media get these catchy new terms from? They all started using them at the same time, almost like it was handed to them to use in their speeches and articles. There are aspects of this pandemic which I feel may have been pre planned as so many world leaders just seem to be repeating the same things over and over again and have almost entirely done exactly the same things to their citizens and economies. It it wasn’t for countries like Sweden and Japan proving that lockdowns were unnecessary it would be an almost complete destruction of the world. I always say follow the money and the ones who ultimately win from this event are the biggest globalist corporate interests and banks in the world. Financially many in this world are ruined and mega corporations are in place to further tighten their grip of the Earth. These corporations are represented by the World Economic Forum and the WEF is now talking about ‘The Great Reset’ and opportunity to take action to secure their future as the worlds greatest power.  In time there will only be a handful of corporations that will own and run the world and this is a big step in that direction. Not to forget the World Bank and International Monetary Fund amongst others who will make massive profits as they have been bailing out countries all over the world, so now the economic collapse of these countries is assured, they step in conveniently and ensure these countries are shackled with debt for the foreseeable future. If these countries were free from the world banking system before- there is no escape now. This is the sad reality, there are big winners here and that is the wealthy elite who can afford the lockdowns, the rest of us suffer.  Was covid the excuse to collapse the worlds economies and usher in the New World Order or ‘The New Normal’ which the elite have referred to for decades?

I hope this article has been of interest and that it may get you thinking a bit more in depth about what has happened and continues to happen as this event has not gone away just yet, we are being primed by the media and governments for the dreaded second wave, again based on zero factual evidence, so I am not sure if they know something they are not telling us. Its almost like they want a second wave but armed with more information we should no longer live in fear of a virus which, dare I say it, is very much like the existing corona virus’s that are already in circulation. As much as we are told that it is worse the numbers do not come to that conclusion and also given the above information it could very well be less deadly than the yearly influenza outbreaks which by the way we have never locked down and collapsed the planets economies for. Keep an open mind and always question the government and media.

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